Welcome to the 3M Consulting Project Starter Kit!

We’re thrilled that you’ve taken the first step in this adventure by joining the 3M Consulting Project. Your decision shows that you’re forward-thinking and ready to explore three key aspects of your university: its history, its current state, and its future potential. This project isn’t just about being smart; it’s a crucial move for anyone serious about making their institution better.


The 3M strategy stems from three key observations forged through our extensive experience and observations in higher education and industry engagement:

Observation 1

Prospective students are drawn to universities that offer strong employability prospects and an excellent student experience

Observation 2

Alumni engagement is vital for building a strong institutional foundation

Observation 3

Developing critical thinking skills is essential for future-proofing students

3M Consulting Project Onboarding

To address these issues, the 3M strategy combines the JOB-Ready Rating, ALUMNI-Ready Web APP, and FUTURE-Ready Micro-credentials: Critical Thinking Assessment Test. This consulting project provides a radar-like approach to your institution’s challenges, offering a complete solution for your past, present, and future issues.

JOB-Ready Rating (PRESENT)​

Assesses teaching quality, learning outcomes, and graduate employability in real-time. It informs decisions to enhance the present student experience and employability.


An efficient web app crafted to enhance alumni engagement for educational institutions. It streamlines interactions and two-way communication between alumni and the institution, fostering advocacy and collaborative opportunities.

Critical Thinking Assessment Test

With a strategic focus on critical thinking skills, this approach presents a forward-thinking strategy that benefits students, employers, and your institution. By ingeniously boosting your institution’s employer reputation at minimal or no cost, this plan opens doors to increased opportunities, enhanced rankings, and a brighter future for all involved stakeholders. Additionally, it serves as an effective method for showcasing your institution to employers, further solidifying your Employer Reputation.

Should you require any support during the onboarding process, please do not hesitate to contact us.