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AppliedHE is a Singapore-based company founded in 2020 by veterans of QS Quacquarelli Symonds.

With a strong focus on bridging the gap between higher education and employment, the company offers a range of innovative solutions that benefit universities, students, and employers. From authoritative rankings to customized tools and services, AppliedHE caters to the evolving needs of educational institutions worldwide, providing a personalized and supportive experience that enhances the quality of education and promotes successful career outcomes.

With its wealth of experience and dedication to excellence, AppliedHE is committed to driving positive change in the higher education sector. While operating as a global agency, AppliedHE maintains a friendly and local approach to service, ensuring a personalized and supportive experience for its clients

Introducing The 3 Musketeers or the 3M

In our quest to provide you with a great start, we have carefully curated a powerful package known as the 3 Musketeers or simply the 3M. Inspired by the renowned motto “one for all & all for one,” we present our strategies as “Integrated for Success”.

The 3M is made up of 3 of our best products that can effectively tackle your institution’s Past, Present and Future challenges. They are:

  1. AppliedHE JOB-Ready Rating
  2. AppliedHE ALUMNI-Ready Web App
  3. AppliedHE FUTURE: Micro-Credentials: Critical Thinking Assessment Test
These 3 solutions can be swiftly implemented, setting you on a path to rapid progress. Unlike others who merely conduct conventional strategic audits, our comprehensive approach will take into account your Current, Past and Future circumstances, backed by data and facts. With a deep understanding of your institution’s unique challenges and aspirations, we will devise a multitude of strategic strategies tailored to help your university succeed. By leveraging our expertise and insights, we will guide you towards a future of excellence and achievement.

This comprehensive radar-like approach explores your institution’s history, current situation, and future potential, ensuring sustained institutional success, strengthening student enrolment, enhancing graduate employability, boosting student satisfaction, and fostering a thriving alumni community. Furthermore, it strengthens your institution’s financial position and has the potential to enhance university rankings.


By way of context and introduction, the team at AppliedHE was formerly from QS and together, we have acquired decades of experience and market knowledge. Hence having worked closely with higher education institutions and engaging with university presidents, vice chancellors, ministers of education, and others, we would like to share with you 3 crucial observations.

Observation 1:

Employability and student experience are paramount for attracting prospective students

Observation 2:

Alumni engagement is vital for building a strong institutional foundation

Observation 3:

Alumni engagement is vital for building a strong institutional foundation

With every Observation, we present a solution or strategy:

Observation 1 / Solution:
JOB-Ready Rating…

In addressing the first observation, the JOB-Ready Rating method concentrates on the PRESENT, thoroughly evaluating the quality of teaching, learning, and the employability of your graduates. This assessment provides real-time insights into your institution’s strengths and areas requiring enhancement. By leveraging this information, you can make informed decisions that enhance the current student experience and increase graduate employability.

Observation 2 / Solution:
ALUMNI-Ready Web App…

More than just a CRM, the ALUMNI-Ready Web App focuses on the PAST(and the future). It establishes connections with your alumni community and provides you with the tools not only to engage them but also to retain their invaluable support. By actively involving your alumni, you gain insights into the student experience from a historical perspective, extract valuable knowledge, and fortify your institution’s foundation based on past experiences.

Observation 3 / Solution:
FUTURE-Ready Micro-credentials: Critical Thinking Assessment Test…

Strategically focused on critical thinking skills, the FUTURE-Ready Micro-credentials: Critical Thinking Assessment Test offers a forward-thinking approach that benefits students, employers, and your institution in the FUTURE. By creatively enhancing your institution’s employer reputation at a minimal or no cost, this strategy paves the way for heightened opportunities, improved rankings, and a brighter FUTURE for all stakeholders involved. In addition, this approach serves as an effective strategy for showcasing your institution to employers, further strengthening your Employer Reputation.

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