MIU City University Miami

United States

MIU City University Miami

Website: www.miuniversity.edu

Rating Status: AppliedHETM ONLINE-Ready Rated (Certified)

Evaluated Programs: Total for All Programs; Master of International Business Administration; Master of Science in Educational Leadership, Management, and Emerging Technologies; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Rating in a Nutshell
MIU City University Miami is one of the institutions which has taken part in the AppliedHE ONLINE-Ready Rating. An institution that is ONLINE-Ready Rated is evaluated based on three main components: the quality of its online course delivery, its student support system, and its assessments and examinations. Programs that meet the ONLINE-Ready Rated standards are considered to have the same level of classroom interaction, personalized attention, training, coaching, counseling and learning resources that are available to students studying on campus, while offering greater flexibility and the ability to study from anywhere in the world.

Institutions rated “Certified” meet all of our criteria; those rated “Conditional” may have weaknesses in some areas, but in the aggregate, are excellent institutions at which to pursue an online certificate of degree program.

An overview of the relative strengths of MIU City University Miami is shown below. A higher score indicates stronger performance in a particular area.