Onboarding the AppliedHETM FUTURE: Micro Credentials

(Critical Thinking Assessment Test - CTAT)

Please follow the steps below to facilitate a seamless onboarding
Step 1 : For the Person-in-Charge PIC) of Students
Step 2 : Please provide us with additional information about your students who will be taking the CTAT. This will enable us to tailor the CTAT to better match your students’ profiles and needs.
Step 3 : AppliedHETM will provide you with an invitation link, which you can then share with your students. To ensure they are eligible for the critical thinking exam, students must click on the link and complete their registration before the specified exam date.
Step 4 : Once the link is sent and students have completed their registration successfully, the exam will become available to them. After they finish the exam, they will receive a scorecard or certificate displaying the logos of both AppliedHE and their university. This contributes to the university’s branding among employers, thereby enhancing the institution’s Employer Reputation.
Step 5 : After all students have completed the exam, we will furnish the institution with a comprehensive report. This detailed report can serve as a valuable resource for the institution, aiding them in formulating improvement strategies and more.