Pearl Academy


Pearl Academy

Rating Type: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Rating Professional (Pilot)

Employment Clusters: Art & Design, Fashion, Media & Entertainment

Description: Pearl Academy is India’s leading institute in Design, Fashion, Business, and Media and has been a catalyst for the success of the students across creative industries for 27 years. The institution offers over 40 uniquely designed courses through campuses in Delhi-West, Delhi-South, Mumbai, Jaipur & Bengaluru.

Interim Rating Results
Pearl Academy is one of the institutions which has taken part in the AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Rating Pilot. Because AppliedHETM is still awaiting data from other pilot studies before publishing a definitive rating result, AppliedHETM is instead providing the raw satisfaction scores which are calculated based on the surveys of students, alumni, employers and faculty (internal and external).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The raw satisfaction scores published here should not be directly compared between institutions because cultural, industry/subject and other factors also influence these satisfaction scores, in addition to the quality of the institution being evaluated.

  • 92% student satisfaction with teaching and learning at Pearl Academy.
  • 85% student satisfaction with class size and facilities at Pearl Academy.
  • 89% student satisfaction with campus and community at Pearl Academy.
  • 90% student satisfaction with industry exposure at Pearl Academy.
  • 82% students will recommend Pearl Academy to friends and family.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Student Survey for Pearl Academy (2020)

  • 91% alumni satisfaction with education from Pearl Academy.
  • 79% alumni capable of entrepreneurship (starting their own business), or have already become entrepreneurs.
  • 77% alumni satisfaction with current work-life balance.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Alumni Survey for Pearl Academy (2020)

  • 97% employer satisfaction with Pearl Academy graduates’ skill level.
  • 100% employer satisfaction with Pearl Academy interns (would hire).
  • 100% employer satisfaction with Pearl Academy graduates’ career prospects (believe they will do well).
  • 98% employer satisfaction with future prospects of their industry.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Employer Survey for Pearl Academy (2020)

  • 99% internal expert satisfaction with teaching and learning at Pearl Academy.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Faculty Survey for Pearl Academy (2020)

  • 93% external expert satisfaction with overall quality of Pearl Academy.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Referee Faculty Survey for Pearl Academy (2020)

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