Universitas Airlangga

Rating Type: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Rating University (Pilot)

Employment Clusters: Agriculture & Fisheries, Computers & IT, Education & Counselling, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality & Tourism, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Description: Airlangga University is the second-oldest university in Indonesia and also a public university located in Surabaya, East Java. Despite being officially established by Indonesian Government Regulation in 1954, Airlangga University was first founded in 1948 as a distant branch of the University of Indonesia, with roots dating back to 1913. It started with a medical school and school of dentistry. Now Airlangga University hosts 15 faculties with more than 35,000 students (during the 2015-2016 academic year) and 1,570 faculty members. Airlangga University has university hospitals for the faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, and Dentistry, as well as a tropical infection hospital for its Institute of Tropical Disease. The university is also equipped with biosafety level three facilities.

Interim Rating Results

Universitas Airlangga is one of the institutions which has taken part in the AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Rating Pilot. Because AppliedHETM is still awaiting data from other pilot studies before publishing a definitive rating result, AppliedHETM is instead providing the raw satisfaction scores which are calculated based on the surveys of students, alumni, employers and faculty (internal and external).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The raw satisfaction scores published here should not be directly compared between institutions because cultural, industry/subject and other factors also influence these satisfaction scores, in addition to the quality of the institution being evaluated.

Student Satisfaction

  • 99% student satisfaction with teaching and learning at Universitas Airlangga.
  • 95% student satisfaction with class size and facilities at Universitas Airlangga.
  • 99% student satisfaction with campus and community at Universitas Airlangga.
  • 98% student satisfaction with industry exposure at Universitas Airlangga.
  • 97% students will recommend Universitas Airlangga to friends and family.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Student Survey for Universitas Airlangga (2020)

Alumni Satisfaction

  • 99% alumni satisfaction with education from Universitas Airlangga.
  • 88% alumni capable of entrepreneurship (starting their own business), or have already become entrepreneurs.
  • 96% alumni satisfaction with current work-life balance.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Alumni Survey for Universitas Airlangga (2020)

Employer Satisfaction

  • 99% employer satisfaction with Universitas Airlangga graduates’ skill level.
  • 96% employer satisfaction with Universitas Airlangga interns (would hire).
  • 96% employer satisfaction with Universitas Airlangga graduates’ career prospects (believe they will do well).
  • 100% employer satisfaction with future prospects of their industry.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Employer Survey for Universitas Airlangga (2020)

Expert Satisfaction

  • 100% internal expert satisfaction with teaching and learning at Universitas Airlangga.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Faculty Survey for Universitas Airlangga (2020)

  • 97% external expert satisfaction with overall quality of Universitas Airlangga.
Data Source: AppliedHETM JOB-Ready Referee Faculty Survey for Universitas Airlangga (2020)

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