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Rome had its gladiators…
Japan has its Sumo wrestlers…
— and now global higher education has the
AppliedHE Squaring the Circle Debate!

Get to the heart of an exciting hour-long debate where the speakers pull out all the stops to convince you that they are right. or at the very least:most entertaining. Separate fact from fiction, intelligence from innuendo and reality from rhetoric. Get the full circle perspective as our participants square off.

Kicking off this first season of the AppliedHE Squaring the Circle Debate on Wed June 10 at 9 PM Hong Kong/Singapore time is our debate master Dr. Kevin Downing. He will be managing a rowdy pack of esteemed global higher education leaders to debate the motion “The Covid-19 Pandemic Changes Everything in Global Higher Education”.

If you would like to join them and make your voice heard, including as a voter or on-video audience member, be sure to register now.

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Dr Kevin Downing
Secretary to Council and Court
Director, Institutional Research Office
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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Prof Nigel Healey
Professor of International Higher Education and Associate Vice-President (Global Engagement)
University of Limerick

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Professor Sally Chan
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Singapore) and Chief Executive Office (UON Singapore)
University of Newcastle, Australia

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Ms Charlene Allen
Managing Director, Red Emerald and Co-Founder. The IC Global Foundation
United Kingdom

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Mrs Winnie Eley

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