Webinars FSC 16 September 2020

Step out of the darkness…
and into the light of the AppliedHE Fireside Chat!

The AppliedHE Fireside Chat webinars offer participants a chance to have a conversation about the real challenges in higher education: the inconvenient issues that many struggle with, but which rarely receive the attention they deserve. Through an open dialogue that draws in both panelists and the audience, the AppliedHE Fireside Chat is a thoughful, intelligent and respectful forum that aims to bring together a community of higher education leaders to exchange views and build mutual understanding.

The session three of AppliedHE Fireside Chats that focus on equality, diversity and inclusion is titled “Supporting Men in Taking Up Family Duties” and will be hosted by Mrs. Winnie Eley, a veteran Hong Kong-based higher education leader with vast experience across different parts of the British Commonwealth.

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Mrs. Winnie Eley
Partner, Education Insight UK

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Associate Professor Sally Hewat
BAppSc(SpeechPath) PhD CPSP
Assistant Dean International,
University of Newcastle

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Mr Chikodi Onyemerela
Director of Programmes and Partnerships
British Council in Ghana

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Prof. Budu, M.D, Ph.D, Sp.M (K), M.MedEd
Dean of Faculty of Medicine
Hasanuddin University (UNHAS)

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Prof Nigel Healey
Professor of International Higher Education and Associate Vice-President (Global Engagement)
University of Limerick

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