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How did the 3 Musketeers or 3M for short came about? Well… this is the story… In my 2 decades of extensive experience and observation in the higher education industry, and also having had the privilege of speaking to key decision makers like Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Rectors, Ministers etc have led me to make 3 crucial observations…

The 3 Musketeers of Higher Education (3M)

With every Observation, we have a solution and so in this landscape of evolving educational demands, AppliedHE's 3M program stands as a pillar of innovation and effectiveness. 

Comprising 3 core components - JOB-Ready (Observation 1), ALUMNI-Ready (Observation 2), and FUTURE-Ready (Observation 3), 3M is designed to address the multifaceted challenges faced by institutions striving for excellence in employability, alumni engagement, and future-preparedness.

3M Products Overview

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1What are the specific benefits of each component in the 3M program?
Each component of the 3M program - JOB-Ready, ALUMNI-Ready, and FUTURE-Ready - targets key areas of institutional development. JOB-Ready enhances employability with detailed assessments and feedback, ALUMNI-Ready boosts alumni engagement through advanced communication tools, and FUTURE-Ready equips students with critical skills through micro-credentials. This strategic initiative not only prepares students for future challenges but also enhances Employer Reputation and bridges the gap between academia and industry, enabling institutions to tailor their curriculum effectively to meet industry demands
2How does the JOB-Ready component assess and improve employability?
JOB-Ready utilizes comprehensive online stakeholder surveys that gather insights from students, faculty, alumni, and employers. This data helps institutions understand their strengths and areas for improvement in terms of curriculum relevance, student preparedness, and alignment with market needs
3How does ALUMNI-Ready facilitate engagement between alumni and their alma mater?
ALUMNI-Ready enhances alumni engagement through a comprehensive web application that enables seamless interaction and robust communication. It supports a variety of engagement activities such as alumni events, campaigns, and community discussions, all designed to keep alumni connected and actively involved with their institution
4What type of micro-credentials does the FUTURE-Ready component offer?
FUTURE-Ready offers a variety of micro-credentials focused on critical thinking, digital literacy, and other essential skills needed in today’s job market. These credentials are designed to be stackable and relevant across different disciplines, providing students with valuable, portable certifications that enhance employability
5How long does it typically take to implement the 3M program at an institution?
The implementation timeline can vary depending on the specific needs and existing infrastructure of the institution. Typically, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to fully integrate all components of the 3M program, with ongoing support and adjustments as needed

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