Explore the top Public and Private Universities in ASEAN with our approach, customized to suit the distinct nuances of each institution type in the region. By acknowledging and understanding the unique characteristics, operational structures, and objectives of these universities, we enable more precise comparisons and address longstanding concerns within the private university sector, ensuring their individual strengths are duly recognized and appreciated.

Public & Private University Ranking: ASEAN 2024

The 2nd edition of the AppliedHE Public & Private University Ranking: ASEAN saw increased participation, with 80 Public and 80 Private Universities from the ASEAN region taking part in this year's rankings.

Private University Ranking: ASEAN 2023

Introducing the AppliedHE Public & Private University Ranking: ASEAN, the inaugural ranking designed to cater to the unique characteristics of both Public and Private universities in the ASEAN region. The first edition of the rankings saw participation from 30 Public and 30 Private Universities across the ASEAN region.