PhD in the 21st Century - What it takes?

Wednesday 04 Aug 2021
20:00 Singapore (GMT+8)
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COVID-19 upends everything we are familiar with education and research in higher education for a while. Moving education online dominates the headlines as thousands of students are affected. However, we hear relatively little about how research students are doing. Has COVID-19 accelerated change and innovation that is long overdue in PhD education in the 21st Century? What conversations, if any, have academic leaders have had on PhD in the 21st Century during the pandemic? What transformational changes and innovations in PhD education, if any, are effected during COVID-19? Our panel members represent different disciplines and have experience in academic leadership across Continents. Join us for in the upcoming AppliedHE Fireside Chat on this important topic.



Prof Sandeep Gopalan
Prof. Dr. Shameem Rafik-Galea
Prof Sally Chan
Prof Dr Maurits van Rooijen