Professional Education Institutes and Research Institutes are More Effective Than Comprehensive Universities

Wednesday 01 Dec 2021
20:00 Singapore (GMT+8)
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Gainful employment and social mobility are the big issues of our time, amplified by the global pandemic in the past two years. As higher education sector around the globe is gradually re-opening campuses and welcoming students and staff back for on-campus education and research, is it also time to re-think the roles, missions, benefits to students and society, sustainability, funding and business models of professional education institutes, research institutes and comprehensive universities?

This final episode of AppliedHE Fireside Chat in 2021 brings to you another distinguished panel of speakers and learned participants who will enhance our appreciation and broaden our understanding and perspectives of the different types of education establishments in higher education.



Professor Mary Stiasny OBE
Professor Sally Chan
Ms Karen Peyronnin
Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih