Ms Louise Goux-Wirth

Staff and Student Engagement Officer
University of the West of England Bristol

Louise is an equality specialist in higher education working to increase engagement for staff and students through enhancing a sense of community and connection. Her core passions are discussions around race, LGBT+ inclusion, mental health and theories of intersectionality.

Her proudest achievement last year was running in Kigali Marathon and raising £1000 for Imbuto – the foundation of the First Lady of Rwanda to support their programmes in education, health and youth empowerment. This led to incredible opportunities of performing at the V&A Museum, London City Hall and Google HQ. Louise wears her passion and values firmly on her sleeve through various charity engagements, public speaking and being visible within her community.

She recently spoke at the This Can Happen Conference as part of a panel on faith, diversity and mental health – where she shared her experience of racism in the workplace and how organisations can effectively support their black staff.

She describes herself as unapologetically ambitious – which is trait that has pushed her through various challenges and obstacles throughout her life. She uses her social media platform to talk candidly about her experience with adoption and lived experience of mental health – to create open and authentic dialogue. Her aspirations is to become a leading CEO in the charity sector combining her passion for equality, amplifying diverse voices and creating sustainable social change.