Professor Murad Al Shibli

Aircraft Engineering Technology
Abu Dhabi Polytechnic

Professor Murad Al Shibli, holds a Ph.D. degree from Canada in 2006 and Specialized in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Aerospace Engineering. Professor Al Shibli is currently affiliated with Abu Dhabi Polytechnic at the Institute of Applied Technology since 2011. He is currently serving as a Faculty of Engineering and served in diverse academic and admin positions such as Head of Aircraft Engineering Technology (AET), Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT), founding head of the Autonomous Systems Engineering Technology (ASET), established the Electromechanical Engineering Technology Program (EMET). He contributed to the development of the curriculum, labs, facilities and accreditation of these programs. Published more than 55 publications in international journals and proceedings in the area of AI, mechatronics, space technology and autonomous systems. Registered 4 patents in USA and WIPO, filed another 5 patents in USA and UAE. Currently working on start-up project of smart renewable energy in UAE with Khalifa Funds. His research interest focuses on AI, mechatronics, smart renewable energy, UAV/UAS modelling, and control systems.