Unpaid Internships for Students Should Be Banned

Wednesday 02 Nov 2022
20:00 Singapore (GMT+8)
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Gaining valuable hands-on working experience through an internship is a golden opportunity that many students anticipate with great excitement. Internship has a powerful impact on a student’s life as it significantly increases their odds of being engaged in the best jobs over the course of their lifetime. The problem is that only one-third of college graduates hit the mark and there continues to be a massive equity gap with internship experiences. Although there are several reasons for this, at the heart of the issue is accepting unpaid internships as a common practice. Why Should Unpaid Internships be Banned? And on the other hand, Why are Unpaid Internships Beneficial? How can both these issues be addressed?

Our panel of experts offer their opinion on this matter. Join our upcoming Squaring the Circle Debate and be a part of this vital conversation!



Professor Judith Lamie
Dr Nico Jooste


Prof Perry Hobson
Prof Dr Maurits van Rooijen