Best Practices in Alumni Engagement and Management

Tuesday 10 Aug 2021
20:00 Singapore (GMT+8)

AppliedHE Xchange: Alumni Engagement and Management

Institutions of higher learning in many parts of the world have long underestimated the value of their alumni network and few institutions have taken full advantage of their alumni network. Investing in alumni relations can provide a high return on investment for an institution: alumni can act as recruiters for the institution, can help open doors to employers and industry partnerships, can share their industry knowledge, act as mentors, become students of life-long learning programs and can be tapped as donors for new projects. But reaching alumni can be a challenge and designing programs relevant to their needs and interest requires a two-way conversation between alumni and the institution. Alumni groups are also not uniform: they differ depending on their program or department, career, and life stage. Engaging with international alumni provides a completely new challenge all together.
A strong alumni engagement strategy is not built overnight, but fortunately AppliedHE can help your institution get started. Be sure to join the AppliedHE Xchange webinar on Alumni Engagement & Management!



Dr Kevin Downing
Dr Haifa Jamal Al-Lail
Prof Pamela Z. Dube
Dr. Charles Petitt
Prof Dr Maurits van Rooijen