The Future of Higher Education Qualifications: Change is Coming, but to What Degree?

Wednesday 17 Feb 2021
20:00 Singapore (GMT+8)

The global pandemic has already brought about some dramatic changes in Global Higher Education, putting online learning center-stage. Changes that would normally have taken 10 years or more, instead happened in 10 days or less. Doubters of online learning suddenly became practitioners and profound shifts in thinking occurred.

With a change in thinking about the delivery of higher education, what about higher education qualifications? With students deferring higher education, dropping out or seeking alternative and more cost-effective qualifications it seems almost inevitable that change is coming. But to what degree?

Join us for a global round-table discussion with experienced leaders and experts from universities, polytechnics and accreditation providers hailing from Indonesia to Ireland and representing the breadth and depth of global higher education today.


Prof Judith Lamie


Dr Christopher Hill


Mrs Winnie Eley
Prof Perry Hobson
Dr Ardian Wahyu Setiawan, Med
Prof Nigel Healey