Collective Action: Innovation & University Consortia during the Pandemic Era

Wednesday 9 Sep 2020
20:00 Singapore (GMT+8)
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The AppliedHE Xchange Consortia webinar is a special event that focuses attention on the ubiquitous but sometimes poorly understood role of international consortia in higher education. Especially during the current pandemic, which has highlighted some of the fragillities of the global higher education system, university consortia have adapted and found new ways to be relevant for their members. In a pandemic and post-pandemic world, what is the role and value of higher education consortia?

The AppliedHE Xchange Consortia webinar, under the theme “Collective Action: Innovation & University Consortia during the Pandemic Era” will be hosted by Professor Judith Lamie, Managing Director of JL Education Consultants Ltd, who has also served as a senior executive at several British universities, providing institutional leadership in marketing and student recruitment, business engagement, online learning and international development.



Pornchai Mongkhonvanit
Prof Marek Kręglewski
Mr Sean Manley-Casimir
Prof Dr Maurits van Rooijen