AppliedHE Private University Ranking: ASEAN

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Information Sessions

The AppliedHE Private University Ranking: ASEAN, the first international university ranking that includes only private institutions of higher learning, and the first ranking that focuses specifically on universities in Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries.

The AppliedHE Private University Ranking: ASEAN is based on criteria that are most relevant to private universities and to the students who plan to make a significant investment, in both time and money, by studying there. The ranking will emphasize student satisfaction and employability, alongside factors like community outreach, internationalization, research and institutional reputation. Taken together this provides a holistic perspective on the private universities being ranked.

If you would like to learn more about the ranking, and how your university can participate, please join us for one of our AppliedHE Ranking webinars:

15 Sept 2021 (Wed afternoon)

3 PM Kuala Lumpur/Manila
2 PM Bangkok/Jakarta

7 Oct 2021 (Thu afternoon)

5 PM Kuala Lumpur/Manila
4 PM Bangkok/Jakarta

The content of both webinars is similar, so please attend at your convenience.

Please remember to register before 15 October 2021 via to take part in the AppliedHE Private University Ranking: ASEAN. (Extended deadline: 31 October 2021)

For more information about the ranking, visit, write to or call +60 3 9213 1957.

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