AppliedHE™ FUTURE-Ready

FUTURE-Ready offers a suite of Micro-Credentials courses, with the first course being the Critical Thinking Assessment test.

Critical Thinking Assessment Test

What is it: A critical thinking assessment test evaluates an individual’s ability to think critically and analyze information. It measures skills in logical reasoning, problem-solving, evaluation, and decision-making. The test presents scenarios and questions to assess critical thinking abilities. Results provide insights for educational and professional development.

Who is it for: Graduating students

How does it benefit the university:

  • Enhanced Competitiveness: The critical thinking assessment test strengthens students’ critical thinking skills, making them more competitive in academic and professional settings
  • Improved Problem-Solving: By evaluating their ability to analyze information and make informed decisions, the test helps students enhance their problem-solving capabilities
  • Stronger Credentials: Successfully completing the assessment and receiving a certificate adds a valuable credential to students’ resumes, boosting their credibility and employability

How does it benefit the University:

  • Branding: Increased visibility and recognition through students proudly displaying the university’s logo on certificates
  • Employer Reputation: Enhanced standing in rankings and attraction of prospective students and employers
  • Marketing Advantage: Free or low-cost branding and marketing as the university’s logo reaches employers through students’ CVs