The AppliedHE™ Story

If an alien from a different planet came across a copy of the latest world university ranking, they would probably think that ‘research’ and ‘reputation’ is all that universities care about. Because that is how mankind seems to measure higher education performance.

Although research is one of the most important activities that a university does, not every higher education institution is a research-intensive one. And not everything that research-intensive universities do is about research.

AppliedHE™ is about the “other stuff”
Institutions of higher learning do

AppliedHE™ and specifically the AppliedHE™ JOB-Ready Rating was created from a perception that university rankings were excluding many great institutions of higher learning on the one hand, while forcing other universities into a particular mould. The “other stuff” – quality of teaching and learning, employability, collaboration with industry and social engagement – was being left by the wayside as universities pursued rankings success.

But why not have both? Create an incentive for institutions to pursue the things that really matter to them and to their stakeholders, while also creating the competitive buzz and marketing value unleashed by university rankings?

Why not have your cake, and eat it too?
Our answer to that question is: you can, with AppliedHE™