AppliedHE™ ALUMNI-Ready

Introducing the AppliedHE ALUMNI-Ready Web Application

Are you struggling to keep your alumni engaged and connected? Look no further! The AppliedHE ALUMNI-Ready Web Application is here to revolutionize how you interact with your alumni, ensuring they stay connected and informed every step of the way

Your current system may not be yielding the desired results. Alumni may find it tedious to visit your website regularly, given their busy work and family schedules. The AppliedHE ALUMNI-Ready Web App stands apart by focusing on retaining alumni through engaging them with topical news and updates relevant to their interests at different stages of their lives. This creates a compelling reason for them to keep coming back to the platform
The web application seamlessly integrates with AppliedHE FUTURE, an exclusive social media network designed for the higher education sector. Your university invites alumni to join the private Alumni Community on FUTURE, where they can access their alma mater’s group, ensuring strict adherence to privacy laws
Dispelling a common misconception, you do not need to share your alumni database with AppliedHE or the public. Instead, you encourage your alumni to sign up for your private group on the app voluntarily, respecting privacy laws and ensuring data security
Once alumni join the platform, they become part of a vibrant community based on their interests. Interaction with other users, content sharing, and comments foster meaningful connections within the network and with your institution. The app’s algorithm and AI technology push your content to the appropriate audience, enhancing engagement and extending the sense of community beyond the private alumni group
With the ALUMNI-Ready Web Application, you can post private messages to your alumni, ensuring better visibility as they appear on their timelines. This effective communication method guarantees that essential updates and announcements reach your alumni promptly
To connect with alumni from other universities, consider contributing content to FUTURE or advertising at highly competitive rates
Say goodbye to mundane interactions with your alumni. The AppliedHE ALUMNI-Ready Web Application empowers you to communicate, manage, and engage your alumni like never before.

Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your alumni relationships. Embrace the ALUMNI-Ready Web Application and witness the transformative power of enhanced alumni engagement!

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