Sustainability and Climate Change

Wednesday 01 June 2022
20:00 Singapore (GMT+8)
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Climate Change is an issue of global importance and responsibility. Higher education institutions play many roles in climate change: they do research on climate change, develop new technologies to mitigate or adapt to its effects, educate the future workforce for a carbon-neutral economy, and nurture the future leaders to drive these important socio-technological changes. At the same time, higher education institutions are also looking inward: what is their own carbon footprint and are they truly contributing to sustainable development? In such a highly complex and often sensitive and contested field of knowledge, what should higher education leaders prioritize? To shed light on these challenges, AppliedHE’s Fireside Chat sits down with a group of thought leaders from different parts of the world and our global audience. Don’t miss it.



Dr. Jenny Wong, CMgr, FCMI
Dr Haifa Jamal Al‑Lail
Dr David Ssekamatte
Ms Rebecca Hall