It's Time to Go Global: AppliedHE™ Membership

Beyond Ratings: The AppliedHE™ Membership

The AppliedHE™ JOB-Ready Ratings provide access to a suite of services that help an institution capitalise on its rating results. Included in the basic membership is:

Branding and Marketing

AppliedHE™ JOB-Ready Rated programs will be listed on its website and in its annual guide, providing global exposure.

Rated programs will also be authorized to use AppliedHE™ logo’s in their marketing and branding activities.

As noted earlier, the AppliedHE™ brand will be used to promote skills-based and employment-focused higher education, and members can be actively involved in these international campaigns.

Knowledge Sharing and Networking

AppliedHE™ organizes regular international seminars, conferences and exhibitions around the world throughout the year. A news publication and employer and institutional contact database are also being planned. Members will either have free or heavily discounted access to all these services.

Please contact us if you are interested in the AppliedHE™ Membership.