The AppliedHE™ JOB-Ready Rating System

The JOB-Ready Rating is currently in its pilot phase.
Once the pilot is completed, full rating criteria will be published.

Indicator Description Points
O Output
O1 Graduate Reputation 60
O2 Employability 50
O3 Remuneration 50
O4 Career Advancement & Entrepreneurship 40
Subtotal (O): 200
D Delivery
D1 Teaching & Learning 60
D2 Faculty Quality 50
D3 Student Industry Experience 50
D4 Intercultural Competence (option) 40
D5 International Experience (option) 40
Subtotal (D): 200
I Institution
I1 Institutional Reputation 60
I2 Inclusiveness & Accesibility 60
I3 Applied Research 50
I4 Community Engagement 30
Subtotal (I): 200
Total (O+D+I): 600